I have worked as a freelance illustrator since 2012 doing commissions for a variety of clients.

Editorial illustration is a collection of client work for magazines, books and other publications in print or online.

I love illustrating childrens’ books and teaching  young readers through my images. My whimsical and colourful illustrations are always a hit with the kids.

Live drawing is used to document an event with illustrations done on location during the event. These illustrations can make the listener understand the subjects being discussed better through visuals. The drawing process is usually projected on a wall for the attendants to view during the event. I have done live drawings at seminars.

When illustrating humans I want to show inclusivity. My characters are of a variety of genders and bodytypes. I am consious of providing positive images and not repeting negative stereotypes.

In the personal work collection I have pieces that I have done for my own joy. I also make my own products, such as stickers, art prints, zines and keychains. I hope to expand my little online shop and have my illustrations in all kinds of products.

copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2020