Apila Pepita 

I am an illustrator and comics artist based in Helsinki, Finland. I was born in the small town of Siilinjärvi in 1991. I am currently studying in Aalto University in the Master's program of Visual Communication Design.
I mainly work digitally but often also like to break out the brushes and pens to give my works a more hand made feel.

In my illustrations I love to play with bright colours, bold shapes and interesting textures. While my visuals might be colourful and happy I do often tackle difficult subjects in my art and try to contrast the darkness with cuteness.  
I am especially interested in working on illustration for children. 

I also teach comics and art in the form of long courses and short workshops.

I have been organizing Näkymätön sukupuoli and RIKKI art projects and also work actively in Femicomix Finland

Full resume in english
Ansioluettelo suomeksi

apila.pepita (ät) gmail.com
Photo: Lauri Kaivo-oja 

Illustration clients:

Amnesty International
Into Kustannus
Iso numero
Vihreä tuuma
Finland-Russia Society
Tasa-arvovaje campaign
Zelda online zine

Comics published in:
Parnasso magazine (1/2018)
Näkymätön sukupuoli - ei-binäärisiä ihmisiä (Into, 2018)
Divide & Conquer (McFarland, 2018)
101 sarjakuvaa Suomesta (Zum Teufel, 2017)
International Girl Gang Encyclopedia (2017)
Leijonan mieli (Turun sarjakuvakerho ry, 2017)
Voima magazine (various 2015-2016)
Kuti (#40, 2016)
RIKKI (2016)
Nyt Riittää! (2015, Finnish Comics Society)

in Press: 
Savon Sanomat


copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2018
contact: apila.pepita@gmail.com