I have been making comics ever since I was little. With my twin sister we created our own worlds and brought them to life with text and images. I have always been a storyteller and comics are truly a way for me to express my thought and show my inner world to others. 

I often use interviews or my own experiences as basis for my comics. I want the stories to be relatable and  feel authentic.

My stories often deal with issues such as feminism, animal rights, queer identities and mental health. I believe comics can educate and change people’s opinions. 

I take great pride in making my comics visually stunning. I challenge myself to include as little text as possible in my comics and make the images tell most of the story. 

I love inking and lettering comics. I pretty much hand letter all of my comics and I am a perfectionist with my line work. 

copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2020