Logo design for Demarinaiset association. 2020.

Variations of the logo.

Illustrations to be used in Demarinaiset associations visuals. 

Pattern designed for Demarinaiset.

I designed the new visual identity for Demarinaiset. This also included a color guide, logo usage guide and font guide.
Demarinaiset is a feminist organization inside SDP.

Visual identity for Zi

digital illustration, 2020

Logo design for Sexpo foundation’s Ihmissuhdeterapia (in english relationship therapy) service. 

Visual identity for Jouluinen Taidekuja event in Kulttuuriareena Gloria. 
digital drawing 2016  

poster design and banner designs. 

facebook event banner

website header for taidekuja.com

Visual identity for RIKKI - Art for Mental Health Rehabilitation (RIKKI - taidetta mielenterveydestä) project.

Poster and flayer design for RIKKI - Art for Mental Health Rehabilitation art exhibition in SHOWROOM BERLIINI gallery.  
copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2020