I enjoy attending comics festivals and popular culture conventions in Finland and abroad. You can find me exhibiting my art and comics in these events.
Sometimes I also give talks or hold workshops.
You can find the most up to date information regarding my future events on my instagram. 

Tampere Kuplii 2019
Photos: Lauri Kaivo-oja
Up coming events

Oulu Comics Festival
Exhibiting at Sarjakuvakeidas in Oulu City Library’s main library. 

Past events

6.–7.7.2019 Jyväskylä University
Exhibiting at Artist Alley

13.–14.7.2019 Kuopion Musiikkikeskus
Exhibiting at Artist Alley

27.7.2019 Helsingin Messukeskus
Exhibiting at Artist Alley (only on Saturday)

Helsinki Comics Festival
7.–8.9.2019 Suvilahti, Tiivistämö
Exhibiting at Zine Fest

15.-16.6.2019 Sibelius talo, Lahti
Exhibiting in Artisan tables

Tampere Kuplii
23.-24.3.2019 Tampere-talo
Exhibiting at Pienlehtimarssi

Popcult Helsinki
11.-12.5.2019 Marina Congress Center, Helsinki
Exhibiting at Artist Alley

Oulu Comics Festival
Saturday 24.11.2018
Exhibiting at Comics Oasis in Oulu Library

TOKYO ry’s (Aalto University Arts students’) Christmas Sales
1.-2.12.2018 Kiasma, Helsinki

Kuvittajat ry’s Christmas Sales
Saturday 8.12.2018 Kirja & verstas, Helsinki

Jouluinen Taidekuja
Sunday 9.12.2018 Gloria, Helsinki

Desucon Frostbite
Sunday 17.2.2019 Sibelius talo, Lahti
Exhibiting at Artist Alley

MCM Comic Con London (UK)
26.-28. October 2018 ExCel London
Exhibiting at Comic Village

8.-9.9.2018 in Tampere-talo
Exhibiting at Artists’ Alley with Sara Valta

Helsinki Comics Festival 1.-2.9.2018 in Tiivistämö
Exhibiting at Zine Fest in Tiivistämö

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