Virtually Invisible -  Exploring the Non-Binary

Social constructs of gender try to put everybody in a box of either male or female. There are people who feel like this binary viewing of gender does not fit them and these are their stories. Non-binary people are rarely presented in media. They need a voice, and you need a chance to understand.

We made a informative booklet about non-binary people and the issues they face. We interviewed four non-binary people and made this booklet and also a documentary film about the interviews.

Photography: Jenni Holma
Layout, typography and photography: Apila Pepita Miettinen

Interviews with Elie Abraham, Kuisma Ilves, Kuura Reign and Broci.

Project Team: Alona Goldberg, Apila Pepita Miettinen, Eveliina Tarvainen, Jenni Holma and Wenna Zhang

Short documentary for the project “Virtually Invisible - Exploring the non-binary”:

The project was exhibited at "U MAD about GENDER?" in Candidate Centre, Espoo (2015).
Pictures from the exhibition:

copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2020