Livedrawings from
U-Create Sumposium: Teaching Art and Design Across Disciplines
on 8th of May 2019 at Väre, Aalto Univeristy

Speakers at the symposium: Salu Ylirisku (Elec), Oscar Person (Arts), Katja Hölttä-Otto (Eng), Tatu Marttila (Arts) and Anniina Suominen (Arts). Visiting speakers included Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen from Helsinki University Craft studies and Mabel Tapia from Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain.

I was hired as a visual facilitator for the symposium. My job was to document the discussions in illustration form and translate the topics into a easy-to-digest visual form. My drawing process was projected during the event so the attendees could follow along as I created the illustrations.

Illustrations drawn with iPad Pro, app Procreate.

copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2020