Kasurilan peikko (”Kasurila troll”) (2018)
animated comic
length 1:36, no sound, animated with Adobe After Effects

In this animation I used my own childhood as inspiration. In Siilinjärvi we were told stories of a troll living in Kasurila. 

Kasurila troll recieved a honorable mention in the Oulu Nordic Comic Competition 2018 and was screened at Oulu Comics Festival in collaboration with Lumo Light festival in Oulu 23.-25.11.2018.

The font used in the animation was created from my own hand writing.

Stills from the animation:

Building a greenhouse (2018)

Drawing and animation by Apila Pepita Miettinen.
Script and concept created in collaboration with Santtu Oja, Elisabeth Vesanto and Sofie Schleutker.

Animation made for a presentation about using a greenhouse as a metaphore for Design discourse.
Drawing animation recorded on Procreate.
copyright Apila Pepita Miettinen 2018
contact: apila.pepita@gmail.com